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Running for Most Loved Physical Therapy 2023

Despite being named the Most Loved Physical Therapy clinic in Santa Monica in 2020, 2021, and 2022 we have not rested on our laurels. In fact we’ve been working as hard as ever, and we think we’re doing better than ever too.  Here are just a few of our efforts and endeavors from the past year:


If you take a look at our Treatment Page you'll see some of the new equipment we’ve added, ranging from a nifty squat rack to eccentric “flywheel” training to biofeedback/EMG devices to blood flow restriction therapy gear and more.


Our culture’s emphasis on ongoing/organized learning remains strong, and as result we’ve continued to improve our diagnostic skills and treatment skills. A noteworthy addition to the treatment category is DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization).


We’ve added Scarlett Luna, PTA and Maya Zelcer, PTA to our team, and doing so has been a game changer. The assessment and treatment skills that Scarlett and Maya bring to PTWorks has had a great effect on all of our patients and our team as a whole.


Our personal trainer Brit Hirsch has added weekly group strength training classes. They’re a lot of fun and of great benefit to all who attend. And Brit’s personal training schedule keeps growing steadily, via word of mouth - the same way this clinic has grown from one patient to tens of thousands of patients over the past 26 years.


What hasn’t changed: we are still guided by the spirit of Philotimo, which roughly means our emphasis is always on doing the right thing, treating you and yours like family, and always giving it all we’ve got so that we continually improve as individuals and as a team.

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