Self-Care is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice, or physical therapy treatment, for that matter. The essence of any good medical or physical therapy treatment is that it is based on a comprehensive evaluation, which includes an interview, a medical history, and appropriate objective tests. Treatments are planned based on the results of this initial evaluation, and treatments will vary from session to session based on an ongoing evaluation. We recommend that you see a qualified health care professional for an evaluation and a customized treatment plan, and use these tips to supplement and optimize your physical therapy sessions.

We're sticking to the basics (posture, breathing, biomechanics, ergonomics, thoughts & thought viruses), because the basics are what are required in order to build a foundation of good health. We're also sticking to the basics because these are things that you can do for yourself, take little or no time, and are free!

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises may not sound very exciting, but they are a great way to increase muscular relaxation with minimal effort. There are many different philosophies and techniques when it comes to breathing exercises, but, we recommend the following technique because it was researched and found to be as effective as muscle relaxers in several well designed studies...

The ancient Greeks believed in "One Mind, One Body", and so does this one. In somewhat more modern times, the scientific field explored this concept with the creation of the field of Psychoneuroimmunology at Harvard in the mid 20th century. Pardon the name dropping, but we're proud to have had one of it's founders as one of our patients over the past 20 years. Their work led to an explosion of "body mind spirit" work by everyone from John Kabat-Zinn (he was the kid down the hall from the Harvard group) to David Butler and his NOI group, who popularized the concept in our field of Physical Therapy (and created the term "thought viruses".  Maybe not the best phrase or word choice considering our current worldwide situation. But out of respect to David, it stays for now. 


Why is proper posture important? Quite simply, it's because with proper posture you minimize the effects of gravity. The fight between gravity and any living organism is a constant, but if you have good posture and body mechanics, you will significantly minimize the effects of gravity. Gravity will ultimately win, but if you have good posture it will take a lot longer to do so, and you'll feel better along the way...


Ergonomics is "The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Also called biotechnology, human engineering, human factors engineering", as per For our purposes, we will not get into equipment materials or design, but we will discuss setting up your equipment to minimize stress and fatigue and to maximize productivity and well being...


'Biomechanics' literally translates as 'life mechanics',  and it involves concepts from physics and a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Our purpose here, however, will be to give you a simple description of what biomechanics is and how you can improve your health with a simple concept or two...

Orthotics vs Arch Supports

What is the difference between an Orthotic and an Arch Support?

Most people would reply the terms are interchangeable. But to Physical Therapists, as well as Podiatrists and others in the Medical Field, the differences are significant...

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