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Self-Care is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice, or physical therapy treatment, for that matter. The essence of any good medical or physical therapy treatment is that it is based on a comprehensive evaluation, which includes an interview, a medical history, and appropriate objective tests. Treatments are planned based on the results of this initial evaluation, and treatments will vary from session to session based on an ongoing evaluation. We recommend that you see a qualified health care professional for an evaluation and a customized treatment plan, and use these tips to supplement and optimize your physical therapy sessions.

We're sticking to the basics (posture, breathing, biomechanics, ergonomics, thoughts & thought viruses), because the basics are what are required in order to build a foundation of good health. We're also sticking to the basics because these are things that you can do for yourself, take little or no time, and are free!

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How can I achieve a sense of relaxation (and so much more), for free, pretty much anytime and anywhere? 



Achieving proper posture is easy, but pulling your shoulders back isn't the way you do it. Read this and help yourself feel a lot better over the course of your lifetime.



What are the basics principles of movement, and how can knowing them help me? A few minutes of reading will give you knowledge that will help you thoughout your lifetime. 



How do I set up my desk, chair, and overall office environment in a way that is most healthy for my body?



Your thoughts influence your body, and vice versa. Here's a bit of what we know: 

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