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"I trust them so much...I know that my goals are their goals

and I've never felt that was the case with any of the

physical therapy I've done before."

-Linda M.

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Santa Monica's Most Loved  2020 Physical Therapy Clinic

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Santa Monica's Most Loved  2022 Physical Therapy Clinic

Most Loved 2021 Logo.png

Santa Monica's Most Loved  2021 Physical Therapy Clinic

City Beat News Spectrum Award

City Beat News

Spectrum Award

Expertise Best Physical Therapists in Los Angeles

Expertise: Best PT

 in Los Angeles

Sustainable Quality


OpenCare Patient's Choice Winner, best physical therapy santa monica

Open Care Patients

Choice Winner


PTPN Gold 

Practice Award


"I feel like an individual here, whereas at all of the other places I went to I was just another number, another client, and they get to me when they get to me." - Patty 


"Physical Therapyworks constantly strives to find new solutions which will fit the lifestyle and physical adeptness of the patient...For Physical Therapyworks, the idea of a "cookie-cutter" approach to therapy simply does not exist." - Joan P


"Physical Therapyworks has an excellent team of professionals - all are extremely  knowledgeable.  John and his whole team were terrific... It's clear that John knows how to recruit, train and develop - it doesn't matter who you see. That is such a relief...Top notch (and I have had PT all over the globe)". - Nell K

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