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                                 Sanjay S.                                         

Very happy with the treatment I got here. John, the owner, is a great PT who has put together an equally great crew of caregivers. He put me on a program that got me fixed up fast and back to the activities that I love to do. Always looked forward to my sessions. Definitely would return here if need be.

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Patrick B.

After receiving shoulder surgery, Physical Therapyworks provided a professional and detail-oriented service. I am now able to continue with all of my activities prior to injuring the shoulder, as well as have a personal strengthening/stretching plan going forward.Special thanks to Luck for all of the administrative assistance with insurance and facilitating appointments, Ruben for his attentiveness during workout sessions, and Dr. Patrick H. for the strength rehabilitation, providing a thorough plan for recovery, and continuous follow-up from previous appointments. Highly recommend visiting here for any physical therapy needs!

Richard D.

This is my second time using "Physical Therapyworks" for my second total knee replacement they are very professional and their hands on therapy was great I had the pleasure to work with Cindy Liang, DPT, who was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. Cindy was caring and encouraging me through my recovery. I would strongly recommend Physical Therapyworks for outpatient therapy.

Susanne R.

After 8 weeks of back pain (including 3 doctor visits, an MRI and seeing another PT), I came here and my back pain was gone in TWO visits (that includes my initial evaluation).  It's too good to be true, but it's true! John (the owner) is fantastic (as well as all his staff).  He truly cares about his patients.  He is knowledgeable, honest, friendly, comforting and positive. I was also impressed with all the automation at his office.  I filled out the paperwork online in advance, I get emails with my exercises as well as appointment reminders.
I'm forever grateful.

Michael M.

I received treatment and guidance from Physical Therapyworks over a 3 month period. The location was clean, the staff was nice, and the location is convenient. I had tried physical therapy for my knee pain before and had given up after a few months, but decided to try physical therapy again at Physical Therapyworks after hearing so many good reviews about it. Out of all of the doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals I visited over the two years of knee pain, Patrick was by far the most engaged during my visits. He listened well, asked questions, and showed a genuine care for my health. He is the reason I kept going, learned so much more about my body, and have made so much progress where others failed. Thank you!

                            Christopher W.                                I was treated at Physical Therapyworks by John Dravillas for shoulder problems that had been causing pain and chronic insomnia for many months. Along with the treatments, they set me up with a program that I could do at home to continue their work. We have had excellent results and I'm very grateful for the care I received. The staff are knowledgeable and thoughtful and always made me feel welcome. A great team!


Debra B.

Physical Therapyworks is the absolute best! Every member of the staff is welcoming, kind and knowledgeable. Kudos to John Dravillas, the owner and my personal physical therapist extraordinaire!
John's knowledge of how the physical body works combined with his nurturing nature are the perfect combination to help those in pain.

Colleen R.

I went to PTW for rehab from Achilles tendinitis. Cindy, Alison and Nika worked seamlessly to help me through the exercises and treatments.  They are the reason I am back to my normal activities, pain free!

Morgane A.

PT Works is great! I went for around 2 months for migraines, and it's the first method I tried that's improving them. Harris has been really helpful through the whole process, searching and finding what can help me. I also had one session with Nina and one with John, both were just as good.

Brittany S.

I have been to a number of physical therapists and Ali was by far the most incredible physical therapist and human I have met. She was constantly reassuring me that I would get better and one day I would be able to move as I could once up on a time.

Most recently I have moved out of state and have stayed in touch with Ali because I trust her so much.  When I found out I had a stress fracture I immediately reached out to her for her opinion on treatment plans.
Physical Therapyworks is an incredible, warm, and friendly environment where they truly care about you getting back to your normal every day life!

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Tony M.

This review is long overdue as Alison Hanson and the astute staff at Physical Therapyworks helped me several years ago. I had issues with my right hip after years of surfing, running and playing hockey. What I thought was a soft tissue issue turned into major Osteoarthritis and required a total hip replacement. I was a bit freaked by the diagnosis and decided to do physical therapy leading into surgery, which I did with Alison at PTW. She worked with me for about 3 months which prepared me for both surgery and the rehab work I would have to do post-op. I was driving within two weeks and went skating with my son approximately 12 weeks after surgery. I was back to playing ice hockey within 5 months. Alison and the staff not only prepared me for surgery and the recovery, but also gave me exercises to help me preserve my other hip which has done extremely well. It's been nearly 4 years since my surgery and I still do the exercises and they really help with pain. I realize due to my active lifestyle and age (53) I most likely will need the other hip replaced later, hopefully much later, in life. If you have pain, an injury and may be facing surgery, I highly recommend Alison and her staff. I have seen many good physical therapists over my lifetime and I have never met anyone as competent and insightful as Alison. I'd trust her with my children and anyone I know and care about.​

Jonathan G.

Absolutely the best!  Great people. Easy scheduling.  Fantastic results. I worked with Ali for 3 months after a bone fusion surgery on my foot.  With her help I'm back on the tennis courts pain free with full movement of my joints and muscles.   She was able to take into account my pre-surgery level of conditioning and desired sport (tennis) to create a targeted program that addressed the rehabilitation of my atrophied muscles AND actually made me stronger on the court than I was prior to surgery.  Andrew, Angela and Luck are all just fantastic.  Definitely give them a shot. You won't be disappointed.​

Hailey B.

This review is from my employer who highly recommends Physical Therapyworks:
"The care I have received at Physical Therapyworks is nothing short of amazing.  I have seen various therapists there over the past 20 years for conditions ranging from tennis elbow and other sports injuries to serious lower back problems.  Both John and the other therapists I have seen have consistently provided the quality of care that is beyond what I could have expected.  In addition to working hard and creatively to provide treatments that have maximum impact, they assigned exercises and helped me make accommodations in my everyday life in order to maintain the healthiest and most active lifestyle possible.  While they can be busy and it can be challenging to get an initial appointment, I could not be happier with the care I have received over the years.  I have referred various friends and associates to them and they also have had extremely positive experiences.  These people truly are the best.

Michael B.

John and the entire team at Physical Therapyworks are amazing, and I can't recommend them highly enough. I had extensive shoulder surgery (open Latarjet, involving bone transplanting and tendon reconfiguration) in December, and after only three months, the range of motion and strength in my shoulder are essentially back to normal. This is shocking because the doctor indicated that normal recovery time for this procedure is at least six months, and up to a year. John's method feels safe and highly effective - I have full confidence in him. I was treated like family at the clinic and am so grateful I found them.

Ginomarcello A.

Physical Therapyworks Is the Best Group of PT's on the westside. I had massive elbow & shoulder Injury's with surgeries. It was highly important to me as an athlete to find treatment, solutions & a comfortable atmosphere. PTW is a rare combo of all that's right!
John is the owner w/many years of hands on PT & this guys keeps learning and growing to find latest research that benefit his clients.
John sets the example and it is clear everyone on staff follows this example thru growth & to be the best. This facility has the latest equipment & proven innovation in the PT field & each PT has outstanding knowledge to the use & instruction of each.
Jared V. PT was hands on in my treatments and pushed for the best results. Jared's research and time spent putting together a comprehensive @ hm program for between visits achieved great results. He took the time to send e-mail updates & encouraging motivation. Jared's knowledge base of the of joints/muscle/bone groups is impressive, & he breaks it all down into a easy to understand formula.  
Jared assigned an assistant PT to move me thru the many different exercises and techniques. Tina who is just as passionate about her career choice was professional and organized. Even thou she had many task to do during a busy day, Tina always makes you feel at ease and gives her full attention, not rushed!
Could it get even better? Yes, The staff @ PTW are all so personal & professional it a great happy vibe when you enter.
Julia holds down the front desk & always has a friendly smile & positive attitude. She is happy to find apt that fits your schedule & offers print out or e-mail to keep you on track. Julia also took the time to call when a cancellation happened that would fit my schedule.  
Julia was pro-active faxing Jared's detailed progress reports to surgeons, insurance company with a copy waiting for myself.  
This is great group of Professionals who are great People!
Get in & Get healthy.

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