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At Physical Therapyworks and PTWorks+, we focus on what matters most: accurate and comprehensive evaluations that find the source of your problem as well as all contributing factors; dedicated therapists that possess exceptional treatment skills; and using as much treatment time as possible to achieve your goals.

We combine a strong scientific background, evidence-based practice and a progressive outlook to offer the most advanced, reliable, and effective evaluations and treatments available.


client satisfaction

Our client satisfaction surveys consistently rate us as excellent in all areas.

  • 93% of our patients rated their satisfaction with treatment as excellent.
  • 93% stated that the likelihood that they would recommend their friends and family to our clinic was excellent.
  • The remaining 7% rated their satisfaction with treatment as very good and the likelihood that they would recommend us to friends and family as very good as well.
  • Our physician satisfaction surveys demonstrate that 100% of referring physicians rate our services as excellent.
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clinic information
address: 719 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(Map and Directions)
tel: (310) 260-9039
fax: (310) 260-1091
e-mail: info@physicaltherapyworks.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/ptwsantamonica
instagram: www.instagram.com/physical_therapyworks/
hours: Monday through Friday 8am - 8pm

professional care

time is money

Physical Therapyworks and PTWorks+ are consistently staffed by exceptional therapists and wellness and performance providers. This combination of expert therapists combined with our culture of excellence and teamwork results in you getting the acquired wisdom, knowledge and power of over 50 years of shared cumulative experience.
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lasting results

lasting results

We utilize a comprehensive and synergistic approach that leads to more immediate and longer lasting results. This means that you don't have to jump from one practitioner to another, year after year, without substantial and lasting improvement.

going solo

going solo

We know the importance of the patient's role in their care. At Physical Therapyworks and PTWorks+ we are experts in designing and providing self-care programs. We design 'take-home strategies' that are effective, simple, and designed for your exact needs. Self-care will help you maintain the positive effects of your therapy and will also help you to make progress by yourself.

the bottom line

the bottom line

All of these qualities have resulted in Physical Therapyworks and PTWorks+ steady growth over the past 21 years. We are most proud that this growth has primarily occurred through word of mouth  from both patients and expert physicians. Many of our patients and clients have written us testimonials, and we've included a few on the 'Testimonials' page.