Linda M

"I trust them so much...I know that my goals are their goals and I've never felt that was the case with any of the physical therapy I've done before."

Stephanie M

"Physical Therapyworks has this nice, really concentrated energy on not just healing, but strength...I feel like I see other people there getting strong, not just rehabilitating."

Patty D

"I feel like an individual here, whereas at all of the other places I went to I was just another number, another client, and they get to me when they get to me."

Joan S

"Physical Therapyworks constantly strives to find new solutions which will fit the lifestyle and physical adeptness of the patient...For Physical Therapyworks, the idea of a "cookie-cutter" approach to therapy simply does not exist."

Barry L

"I'm a doctor who believes that all of us who provide health care must not only be skilled, thorough, and up to date, but also provide our patients with a genuine sense of caring, professionalism, encouragement, patience, and psychological support... As your patient, I have found you to have all of these qualities...

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