There are many key and important components of Physical Therapyworks, PTWorks+ and our clinic culture. Besides being exceptionally “patient centric”, some other key parts of our culture include an emphasis on teamwork, organized and ongoing learning, and diversity.


To us, ongoing learning means that no matter how much or where you’ve studied, and regardless of your clinical experience, you’re always a beginner, can always be better, and you constantly seek additional knowledge in an organized fashion with an open, yet critical, mind. Organized learning means exactly the way it sounds - we have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly formalized learning sessions scheduled into our day. It is in no small part due to these outlooks and methods that we've become better and better, year after year, both as individuals and as a team.


We’ve been this way since we started 25 years ago, and it’s for this reason that we were honored and asked by one of the top clinicians, researchers and educators in the world of Physical Therapy to create and operate our own Post-Professional Residency Program. 10 years ago we did exactly that, and after 7 years we decided to discontinue it due to the extreme administrative demand that comes with such a program. Soon after doing so we were honored to be selected as one of the clinical education sites for the USC Post-Professional Orthopedic Residency Program, which is the original and top ranked Post-Professional Residency Program in the country. 


Please note the term “post-professional”. Often people mistakenly confuse the word Resident with "Student". Physical Therapy Residents are not students. They are graduates and fully licensed PT’s. Unlike MD’s, it is not required for Physical Therapists to to go through a Residency as part of their education. Instead it is purely optional, and as a result Post-Professional Residency programs attract the best, brightest, and most motivated and dedicated Physical Therapists. The application process is stringent and competitive, and only the best of the best are accepted. Once accepted into the general program, we at Physical Therapyworks have our pick of which Resident we would like to have at our site. Once accepted they participate in a comprehensive and stringent program that includes but is not limited to weekly meetings, clinical skills practice, literature review, clinical mentoring, and much more. In addition there are numerous examinations, evaluations, and projects. 


The Residency has amazing benefits for the clinic as well. As mentioned, it means that we are staffed with the best and the brightest Doctors of Physical Therapy, typically from the best schools, year after year. And by best we mean in the areas of knowledge, skill, and "affect" aka “bedside manner”. The Residents also keep us on our toes, as they are only willing to make the sacrifices and efforts that come with a Residency if they are going to experience a great collaborative learning experience in return. This serves as yet another motivating tool for  the clinic, so it means we can never rest on our laurels and instead must always stay current and at the top of our game. Most typically PT’s become stale and stagnant around the 5 year mark, and their practice doesn’t change much after that point. At Physical Therapyworks we change with the times, keeping the best of the old but continuously being infused with the best of the new. It's a wonderful combination of age and energy, and wisdom with the newest and latest. And just as patient collaboration with their PT is the key to a great patient experience, collaboration between a mentor and a mentee creates a dynamic that is good for all involved, including the mentor, the mentee, their patients, and the clinic as a whole.


Which includes our Doctoral Interns. We are also a clinical education site for local schools including USC and Chapman. Doctoral Interns share a caseload with their PT Clinical Instructor, and once again the dynamic is good for the patient, the PT and the Doctoral Intern. The patient benefits from the group approach and collaboration, and the ongoing discussion of each patient case throughout their clinical experience. Also, just like in all areas of life, different people naturally have different strengths and weaknesses, so by sharing a caseload we can always best match people and skills as best befits the patient. You might think of it as somewhat similar to an “Omakase” experience at a sushi restaurant, where you trust the chef to provide the sushi that is best for you at that point in time. When you combine that approach with a patient centric approach, where patient preference is truly valued, the outcomes are most always excellent. 


Please note that patients always have the option as to who they work with and who does what, but over many years of experience we’ve found it overwhelmingly true that most patients are happy to work with a team approach and ultimately they find it quite beneficial. If you’d still like to choose your PT and work with that PT only, and/or have a 1:1 experience with an aide, you can do so via our PTWorks+ option. Please click here for more information regarding PTWorks+ and/or ask Luck at the front desk for details. 


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