Ideal for stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation at home or in the clinic, these foam incline boards are easier-to-use and more affordable than wooden, metal or plastic alternatives.

OPTP SlantTM boards are integral in the prevention and treatment of common lower-leg and foot problems such as Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, shin splints, calf strains, plantar fasciitis, overuse syndromes and post-surgery contraction. They’re perfectly suited for stretching and weight-bearing exercise at home or in a clinic. Can also be used to improve the sitting posture of children.


These lightweight, but sturdy, slant boards are constructed of special weight-bearing foam, making them easier-to-handle and more cost-effective compared to wooden, metal or plastic boards. 18° incline. Latex-free. Sold in pairs.


Measure 11¾" L x 11¾" W x 3¾" H with an 18° incline.

Slant (Pair) - Foam Incline Slant Board for Calf, Ankle, and Foot Stretching



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