Little things can mean a lot.

That's a quote from my PT school professor, Shirley Sahrmann. Her point was that just a tiny change can make a huge difference. Of course you need to see and know what to change.

That's me, sitting on my couch. Nice legs, huh :)

Anyway, the past few years have been tough, and I've become a bit of a "plumber with a dirty sink", meaning I've been in worse shape than many of my patients. I started working with one of our PT's and one of our personal trainers in the past month or so, and I'm feeling a lot better. But that's not the point. Don't worry, I'm getting to a point.

One of my problems is a decreased ability to rotate my head to the left, and that's accompanied by stiffness at the C1-2 segment of my spine. Everything has become about 75% better since starting to work with my team, but I'm still finding things that contribute to my problems, and therefore can improve and help me get to 100%. This is one of those things.

Clearly, I should sit with my feet on the floor. Just like I tell you to do, here. But sometimes I cross my legs when I sit, and recently I noticed that I always sit with my right leg crossed over my left. Alert the presses!

But as Dr. Sahrmann said, often little things mean a lot. When I sit that way, it leads to my lumbar spine rotating to the left, then to compensate I rotate to the right in my thoracic spine, then to the left in my lower cervical spine, and then to the right at C1-2. Do that often enough and or long enough and you get stiffness and difficulty moving in the opposite direction. I've probably been doing this for 58 years, and as I mentioned one of my primary impairments is decreased cervical rotation left, especially at C1-2. So this all fits and makes sense.

You'll notice that in the picture my left leg is crossed over the right. That's the beginning of a new habit. I'm sure Dr. Sahrmann was right - I've employed her teachings with my patients for nearly 35 years - and I'm sure this new habit will pay off for me. Little things do mean a lot, and a big journey begins with a single step. Or in this case, switching which leg you cross over the top.

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