Here's how we're doing, how we're grateful for you, and some new developments...

April 9, 2021

  • We’ve survived (knock on wood) the pandemic. Thanks to your generous donations via our Go Fund Me campaign, a PPP loan, and tons of hard work we’ve survived financially and physically. (To the best of my knowledge there has not been a single COVID infection linked to Physical Therapyworks). 

  • We continue to get roughly one third of our referrals from former patients, which of course is the highest compliment. Thank you! I’m also proud to say that the very cream of the crop of MD’s refer to us on a regular basis as well, and this includes but is not limited to team physicians for the Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers. 

  • Patients keep getting better. Off the top of my head, in just the past few days… (names changed) we’ve helped Nathan regain pronation in his forearm.. Kim's headaches are gone. Bruce no longer has neck or arm pain and can sleep through the night now.. Tanya returned to golf, without pain. We've also screened two patients that were referred here with generic “low back pain” and found that they actually have systemic issues (ankylosing spondylitis for one person, polymyalgia for the other). Again, this is off the top of my head and just in the past few days. Point is, thanks to your generous support we’re still here and doing everything we can to keep helping people feel better, function better, and perform better. 

  • We became “SHINE Certified” by the City of Santa Monica and continue to follow all appropriate safety protocols regarding COVID-19. 

  • We’ve continued to accept all in-network insurance plans, including those that pay us far less than it costs us to provide care. This is roughly 1/4th of our patients, which means we continue to run the clinic like a mission. A mission that provides the highest quality of care, to all people.

  • We’re giving back even more by adding to the services we provide. For the past month we’ve been providing BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) therapy, at no extra charge, to all appropriate patients, and this is resulting in greater strength gains and muscular hypertrophy. Our measurement of these muscular gains is more accurate than ever thanks to our acquisition of a MicroFET 2 dynamometer. In addition, we’re in the process of upgrading our Video Analysis equipment - our new system will allow for filming of your movement pattern from multiple angles, simultaneously. We’ve also added some small, but fun gear, such as kettlebells, battle ropes, plyometric boxes and much more. 

  • We’re putting the finishing touches on our Patient Portal. The Portal will allow you to securely make payments online, chat, and view your records.

  • In the very near future we’ll be rolling out our Accountability Buddy. AB will help you create good habits and stick to them, and will even allow us to monitor your adherence to your program, how difficult each exercise is for you, whether or not it causes you pain, and if so, how much. As a result, we’ll be able to monitor your progress and make suggestions from afar, even after you’ve stopped coming for PT

  • Group classes - both online and in-person - should be starting soon. The in-person part will depend on COVID-19 and safety, of course. 

  • Lastly, to show our gratitude for your support, we want to show our thanks by “paying it forward”.  Over the years we’ve helped a number of people that didn’t have the resources necessary to cover our services, but it was always informal and unscheduled. Moving forward we’re going to make sure we always have one patient that is seen on a pro-bono basis. If you know of anyone that needs what we do and they don’t have insurance or cash to pay for anything beyond food or rent, let alone physical therapy, please email us at We’ll send you a very brief worksheet that will help us decide who to treat, and when. 

  • There’s more, but I’ll stop there. (If you want to stay in touch on a more regular basis, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Once again, thank you so much for your support - we love what we do and thanks to you we can keep doing it.