ptworks+ is our concierge option for patients and clients that don't want their insurance company dictating the amount or type of treatment they receive.

There is no membership fee. Via cash payment (and in some cases out of network options) you can choose your own PT, the length and number of visits, and the type of treatment. For additional information please click here.

soft tissue mobilization, massage, manual therapy, fascia, out of network physical therapy treatment


craniosacral, myofascial, fascia, cerebrospinal fluid, cash based physical therapy, wellness, performance, personal training

Via ptworks+ you may choose to receive massage, personal training, holistic health counseling, or Feldenkrais. You may do this on a stand alone basis, or integrate it with your physical therapy program. Our therapists work closely with our Wellness and Performance Team to create a program that is 100% customized to each client.