At Physical Therapyworks, we lead with empathy and put our patients first. 


 We are committed to a holistic, effective and sustainable approach to recovery and overall health.

But are we right for you?

We might be right for you if you're looking for a clinic that: 

A clinic that grew from a single patient by nothing more than hard work, skill, results and resultant word of mouth. We have since seen well over 10,000 patients. 


Takes a team approach and values ongoing learning - so much so that they started their own Post-Professional Residency Program, are a clinical site for the USC Post-Professional Residency Program, and are a clinical education site for both USC and Chapman Universities. 

Is acutely aware that they don't know it all and can't know it all, but continues to strive to do so. No matter how much we know or learn we always maintain a beginner's mind.

Has weekly literature reviews, case reviews and discussions, skills practice and refinement, MD shadowing, mentoring, teaching, and research projects.

Is innovative and began integrating PT with Wellness over 25 years ago.

Values it's place in the community to the point that it won a Sustainable Quality Award as "Steward of the Environment" and regularly participates in Beach and River Clean Ups as well as other community projects and services.

Places an emphasis on patients not only getting better as much as possible and as fast as possible, but also for as long as possible. We're all about sustainability!

Was founded and is run by a person that's known they wanted to be a PT since they were 14 years old, has been doing this for 33 years, and only started their own clinic because they thought they could do things better for you, not for themselves. 

Was a successful cash only business and began accepting insurance upon request for no other reason than to be kind and to make their services accessible to more people - and has continued to do so, even as payment drops below the cost of providing care. (And has since started a concierge division, to continue on in the original manner for those who still desire it). 

Has grown by word of mouth from a single patient, and through nothing more than skill, compassion and hard work has become a preferred referral source of top MD's including Jason Snibbe, John Itamura, One Medical Group, Santa Monica Podiatry, Kerlan Jobe Medical Group, D.I.S.C., and many others. 

On the other hand, we might not be right for you if: You want short term gains at the expense of your future health and well being; if you're looking for a clinic with a marketing director and/or is IG fabulous; if you want a clinic that has "a method" that is applied to everyone, regardless of their needs or clinical presentation; a clinic that chases certifications so they can have more letters after their names; a place that has an amazing playlist that includes hot tunes by Brittany and Maria (sorry, we just can't seem to get the music right!)