PTWorks+ is home to our Wellness and Performance Program as well as our Out of Network Physical Therapy services.

For nearly 20 years we have provided Yoga, Personal Training, Massage and Meditation/Guided Relaxation - both integrated with Physical Therapy and completely separate from it. We're confident that we not only have the best practitioners from each respective discipline, but if you choose to integrate your Wellness and Performance program with your physical therapy, or get your program customized via our Bridge Program, you'll get the absolute best and most out of each session, with no waste, fluff or potentially deleterious effects.

PTWorks+ is also the alternative for patients that don't want their insurance company dictating the amount or type of physical therapy that they receive. As you may know, many insurance plans restrict the length of treatment, type of treatment, or the number of visits a patient can receive and/or require complex and time consuming authorization procedures. With insurance companies adding more and more restrictions on health care coverage, the simple fact is this: What a patient wants and needs and what the insurance company will allow is not always the same thing. While we at Physical Therapyworks pledge to remain an in-network provider for patients who need it, an increasing number of patients want an out-of-network option where their insurance providers cannot restrict their care. PTWorks+ is that alternative. By choosing this out-of-network or cash-only option, all treatment decisions are made by the patient, their doctor, and their physical therapist, including the length of a session, the amount of time spent one-on-one with the therapist, the number of sessions in a treatment cycle, and the types of treatment provided.

Personal Training
Use our closed chain exercises in a functional training format to achieve all your goals, ranging from increased strength and flexibility to improved balance, coordination, stability, and more—all in a manner and pace that is safe and just right for you.
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Massage tailored in style and intensity to meet your specific needs, targeting the tissues you need and want worked on.
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Perform Yoga in a safe “One-on-One” setting and learn correct alignment for poses specifically tailored to you and your needs and goals. Work and progress at a pace that is just right for you!
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Holistic Health Counseling
Holistic health focuses on supporting clients to create a relative balance in all major areas of ones life; nutrition, career, exercise habits, relationships and communication and a connection with nature or spirit.
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A unique and atypical combination of exercises that are both efficient and effective.
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Physical Therapy
The PTWorks+ therapists are the same as the Physical Therapyworks therapists. They have a long history of providing treatment on an out of network/cash basis, going back to Physical Therapyworks inception. Physical Therapyworks itself was out of network for many years until they gradually joined most networks at the request of our patients. So you have your choice - in-network or out of network care, with the same great therapists at the same location.
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Introduce some variety into your routine by purchasing a Wellness and Performance Pass,
which entitles you to sessions in any combination of personal training, massage, yoga, and meditation!
Five session and ten session packages are available for PTWorks+ physical therapy evaluation and treatment.

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