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Since the spring of 1998, we have sent surveys to each of our clients who has completed treatment at Physical Therapyworks. Survey questions cover topics ranging from registration to therapist interaction.

What we're most proud of is our exceptionally high ranking regarding overall care, how much clients were helped by therapy, satisfaction with treatment, and the likelihood that they would recommend Physical Therapyworks to friends and family. Clients were asked to rank us as either excellent, very good, good, fair, poor, or doesn't apply.

We consistently receive ratings of very good or excellent in every category. One hundred percent of our patients rated their satisfaction with treatment as very good or excellent, and ninety-nine percent stated that they would recommend our clinic to friends and family.

Besides our survey results, we have also received a number of testimonials over the years. Here are a few of them. There are many more if you would like to take a look.

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“Physical Therapyworks has made a huge difference...getting up, running errands, shopping, doing whatever I really want to do is now open to me. I feel like my life is back. That’s been an amazing change...I’m a pretty independent person and it’s really given me that independence back.”
Linda M., Physical Therapy Patient
"I was suffering from two problems: chronic lower back pain, and a pinched nerve in my arm. I had done lots of self treatment and worked with many practitioners. After only six sessions at your clinic my low back was almost pain free and the tingling in my hands disappeared. I was also taught how I might be aggravating my condition and how to take better care of myself. It's a miracle".
Misty C., Former Owner of Santa Monica Yoga, Los Angeles
"...Two orthopedic surgeons had diagnosed the severe and incapacitating pain in my lower back and legs as two herniated disks complicated by vertebral arthritis. After two months of therapy I stopped taking pills and was soon pain free... Physical Therapyworks has given me a pain free life with the guidelines for maintaining same."
Jerry S., Attorney, Los Angeles
"...Physical Therapyworks discovered the cause of the numbness in both of my legs. They were successful in both the evaluation and treatment, and I no longer have a problem. They also worked with me to develop the exercises that would keep me in good shape."
Laurie A., Executive, Pacific Palisades
"I had been diagnosed with severe cervical disk herniations...I had to give up most of my activities, and my job was becoming difficult... Physical Therapyworks has brought my hopes into reality. Their exact approach to treatment has me doing all that I want and even more, and all work related pain has ended."
John Y., Owner of North of Montana Salon, Culver City
"...A few months ago I was having considerable trouble with my legs in walking. They just literally refused to support me. Luckily, I was referred to you. After your treatment, you had me in good shape and I am now able to walk normally. I am 95 years old and can now enjoy walking outdoors into our patio and garden. Many, many thanks."
Edward S., Retired, Los Angeles
"I had broke my femur (top bone in your leg) and I had many physical therapists. Physical Therapyworks was the best. They were very careful, friendly, and great to talk to. They did a great job, and made me all better."
Scott G., Student, age 12, Brentwood
"I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis of my right hip in November 1993 and hip replacement surgery was recommended. After working with Physical Therapyworks the surgery does not seem to be necessary."
Fred M., Designer, Hollywood
"...I'm a traditional old time doctor, who believes that all of us who provide health care must not only be skilled, thorough, and up to date, but also provide our patients with a genuine sense of caring, professionalism, encouragement, patience, and psychological support. These qualities are the foundations for helping people even with short term problems. As your patient, I have found you to have all of these qualities... As a result of your skills, professionalism, teaching and encouragement... you gave me the ability to be out of a wheelchair - a result I never would have expected given the severity of my injuries."
Barry L., MD, FACP, UCLA, Brentwood
"As a former dancer and active, present day exerciser my body has seen more than it's share of injuries... Physical Therapyworks has worked with me, helping me to strengthen muscles made weak through repetitious injuries and re-align structural problems caused by compensating for the weakened areas. Throughout this time, their knowledge of the body coupled with their patience, humor, and inventiveness has been a source of strength and comfort for me... Physical Therapyworks is never willing to accept a problem as untreatable nor will they accept pop theories as to why a situation exists. They constantly strive to find new solutions which will, not only help the problem, but will fit the lifestyle and physical adeptness of the patient. For Physical Therapyworks, the idea of a "cookie-cutter" approach to body work simply does not exist...They make clear that your willingness to work along with them will greatly aid in helping your body to heal and that goes a long way towards making you feel empowered at a time when your physical limitations would indicate otherwise. This team approach to physical therapy works in making your immediate situation better and also lays the groundwork against the re-occurrence of the injury in the future. They make you understand that care of your body is an ongoing process in which you have a hand in determining it's course."
Joan S., Producer, J and J Productions, Los Angeles

Random Comments back to top

  • I loved my experience at Physical Therapyworks. ... I had been here with my mother in law a couple times, and I found it to be a very friendly atmosphere, very nice. And it’s easy to get here, so I thought of this place first.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfied are you with your treatments? 10...15. 20. 100
  • (My favorite part about Physical Therapyworks) I think that I just felt so cared for... I just felt like everybody cared about whether or not I got better and I got what I needed. And the encouragement from Noom, (he) would always assess where I am at each visit and make sure what he did was based on that... it was very satisfying.
  • The atmosphere is very nice. It’s easy to get to and easy to park. There isn’t anything I don’t like... There is always somebody at the front to greet you. And everybody’s always on time.
  • I would absolutely recommend (Physical Therapyworks) to friends or family. Why? Because I’ve been so totally happy with this place. I know they would get the care that they need.
  • Excellent care as usual.
  • I have already recommended you to several people.
  • Appreciation of help from the team work.
  • Can I have a job? Please, this place is a good environment to be in!
  • All of the employees at Physical Therapyworks were very kind and I would gladly recommend you to a friend!
  • A-1, First Class, Finest kind.
  • Physical Therapy is super awesome with you guys! Thank you for caring and teaching me how to care for my back - you guys are so much better than other PT places - stay that way!
  • I had so much fun at Physical Therapyworks - I will definitely come back and bother you guys! Thank you so much. I loved it there; I'll come back and visit.
  • I will miss you guys!
  • Good, positive atmosphere in office.
  • Wonderful! And the staff is helpful & friendly!
  • It was perfect!
  • You guys are great!
  • Feeling great, thanks to you and your help and motivation to exercise.
  • Everyone at Physical Therapyworks was great. A huge help in helping me get strong.
  • Very professional and personable and had fun with treatment regimen. Achieved goals. Thank you.
  • Very upbeat environment, must be therapeutic.
  • Very capable professionals.
  • The care I received here was outstanding. Everyone was kind, smart, and fabulous. I couldn't have asked for better treatment.
  • Just a big thanks to everyone!
  • Tested knee on stairs today - back to 100%. Thrilled with the treatment success. Thanks so much.
  • I was helped tremendously by therapy with the understanding that I'll never be totally "cured."
  • I really appreciated the explanation of my injury because it helped me understand what is really going on with my body.
  • I have been repeatedly helped for different problems by your therapists.
  • Prompt service, personalized attention, professional, well trained.
  • Good, kind staff - everyone. Nice facility.
  • What I have found is that all of the staff is compassionate and caring.
  • AWESOME!!!
  • Staff great, friendly, small-type atmosphere, feels personal. Like cross-training of staff. I will miss everyone!
  • My quality of life improved dramatically with Physical Therapyworks. Thank you!
  • I was surprised by my tremendous improvement.
  • Thank you so much for caring, listening and encouraging (and pushing at the right times!).
  • Customer service is beyond excellent.