help yourself!

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Help Yourself! is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice, or physical therapy advice, for that matter. This is simply a column that you can visit periodically for a quick tip or idea that may be of help to you. The essence of any good medical or physical therapy treatment is that it is based on a comprehensive evaluation, which includes an interview, a medical history, and appropriate objective tests. Treatments are planned based on the results of this initial evaluation, and treatments will vary from session to session based on an ongoing evaluation. Obviously, we cannot perform evaluations online, so these tips, as well as any advice that you see in the media, are quite limited. We will restrict our advice to that which is helpful with minimal chances of being harmful. Simple things such as advice on posture or exercises can be harmful, because what is helpful for one person is harmful to to the next. Be careful when it comes to generic advice, and if you choose to follow it proceed with caution. If you have any doubts, see a qualified health care professional for an evaluation and recommendations which are appropriate for you.